How to get over your partner’s sexual past

Cnews: It might be strange, even awkward and bothersome, to hear about your partner’s sexual past. But it doesn’t have to be difficult to come to terms with it if you follow these simple tips. 

Accept it
Step one is to accept that he has a past. He may have been only with one person before you, or he may have been with many, but that shouldn’t change how you feel about him if what you have is real. The sooner you stop denying that he has a sexual past, the better it is for your relationship.

Respect it
There’s no reason why you must judge him for his past. And if he has taken the initiative to talk to you about it you should respect his courage to come forward with it.  

Don’t compare
Never compare yourself with people from his past. He is with you now for a reason and there’s no way his past relationships compare with what you have with him. Don’t torture yourself with thoughts of his sexual and romantic history.

Ask questions
It’s okay to ask him questions, but don’t be intrusive. You will be curious, and that’s okay, and it’s always better to know rather than be oblivious and get to know about things from outsiders. 

Move on
Once you know all that you wanted to know, let it go and move on. Nothing is more important than your relationship with him; neither his sexual past nor yours. Don’t judge or indulge in misery; accept the fact that like most people, your partner has a history too.    



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